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Status quo - payment behavior in Germany and the revolution of the slim wallet

digitales Bezahlen Kreditkarte Lesegerät Kasse

You stand at the checkout and rummage in your wallet for the right change or the right card. Do you know this feeling?
Then you are exactly right here. In this blog post we look at the current payment behavior in Germany and show you how PURISTO offers an innovative solution to this problem with its card wallet.

Status quo: Payment behavior in Germany

According to a Bundesbank study (2021), payment behavior in Germany has changed significantly in recent years. Cash is becoming less important, while cashless payments are becoming more popular. In particular, contactless payments, mobile payment and wallet apps are on the rise. This development is due, among other things, to the influence of digitization and increasing e-commerce. Not only is the transaction volume of cashless payments increasing, but also the variety of payment methods on offer, such as credit cards, giro cards and online banking.

Consumer behavior and payment trends

The study also shows that consumer behavior and payment trends have changed significantly. On the one hand, people today attach more importance to security and convenience in their payment transactions, on the other hand, they also want to be able to choose flexibly between different payment methods. In this context, purses and wallets that adapt to new needs are becoming increasingly important.

safety first

Another advantage of the PURISTO is safety. The RFID blocker card protects your cards from unwanted access and data theft. So you can calmly go about your everyday life without having to worry about the security of your sensitive data.

Conclusion :

Payment behavior in Germany is changing, as cashless payments are becoming increasingly popular and cash is becoming less important. This trend is being driven by digitization and the rise of e-commerce. Contactless payments, mobile payment and wallet apps are gaining popularity and offer more convenience and flexibility when paying.

In line with changing consumer behavior, wallets and purses that adapt to the new payment trends are gaining importance. People are placing more emphasis on security and convenience in their payment transactions. They want the flexibility to choose between different payment methods.

Security plays a major role here, as consumers want to protect their sensitive data from unwanted access and data theft. The use of RFID blockers or other security measures in wallets is therefore becoming increasingly important.

It is evident that the way we pay is evolving and adapting to consumer needs. Although specific products like PURISTO can offer an innovative solution for modern payment behavior, it is ultimately important that consumers choose a wallet that meets their individual requirements and preferences. Whether it's a slim wallet, card case, or any other type of wallet, the goal is to find a payment instrument that offers security, convenience, and flexibility.